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“Светлана Чернышева - дизайнер, обладающий тончайшим вкусом и потрясающей работоспособностью. Также не можем не отметить ту деликатность, с какой она убеждала нас в оправданности своих решений. Во время реализации всего проекта в доме царила дружественная и творческая обстановка. Все это привело к тому результату, который радует нас каждый день.”


С огромной благодарностью,
Елена и Игорь Ковальчук
Владельцы апартаментов на Крестовском Острове,
Проект Inspired by Landscape

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“Светлана - прекрасный специалист в области дизайна интерьеров, её креативный талант всегда порождает массу смелых решений и ей никогда не изменяет великолепный вкус. ”


Евгения Логвинова
Директор арт-галереи “АРКА”
Арт-директор арт-ресторана “ХОЛСТ МАСЛО”
Большая Морская, 4 Санкт-Петербург

+7 921 429 4861


“Svetlana was successful in International Property Awards, where she received the highest score for the Best Home Interior Design in Europe. Her work inspired me; it was a very nice story where you could feel and sense the homely environment... you wanted to be part of it. In her project she showed a definitive master class in home design. Her presentation was full of creative ideas where you could see how beautiful, practical and workable a home can be that is tailored for individual personalities. She can offer creative solutions for every aspect of design and decoration from evaluating and reconfiguring space and layout to planning the lightning, choosing material and furniture and adding individual touches. What is more... working with her is a really wonderful experience!“


Mary Garbett
Awards Manager at International Property Media
International Property Awards
Africa – Americas – Arabia – Asia Pacific – Europe – United Kingdom

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+44 1245 358877 (office)

“Svetlana is a credible designer, especially for the Russian market. Has great eye for design and attention to detail.”


Simon Shuck
Managing Director at “Inspired By Design”

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+44 796 622 5503 (mob)


“Svetlana's works are subtle and exuberant, sombre and vibrant. She is able to restrain herself with a monochromatic palette for a subdued ambiance, yet she is as masterful to play with the vividness of tones when the rare northern light softly enters her colourful interior. Only one interior work had drawn my interest and attention from the many submitted, and I have selected her interior for recognition when I was the Chairman of the Jury at the St. Petersburg Design Biennale 2009. A highly cultivated individual, Svetlana is persistent and eloquent in pursuing perfection that sets her apart from today's conventional design practice.”


Chi Wing Lo

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+30 693 726 8584 (mob)


“Svetlana is a top designer with a sense of space and lines.”


Michael Van Oosten
Interior photographer

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+31 65 557 4636 (home)