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Booking office in the St. Petersburg State Jazz Philharmonic Hall

St. Petersburg Russia

Project Objectives

The beautiful definition — “Architecture is a freezed music” (Fridrix ShellingLectures on the History of Art”, 1842) — makes more questions than answers. What music can be heard being freezed? Is it possible to definite architecture as alive if it is not associated with sound? And how actual is an “insonified” space? Jazz is a subculture of the black & white America in the époque of black & white cinema. The “keeper” of time and rhythm of that époque is a jazz Square.

Thelonious Monk — a founder of different jazz harmony — had a stage name Sphere. His compositions are really “three-dimensional”. His manner of playing (hard and flexible simultaneously) is smoothing out and widening “eyesight” of consciousness; in a paradoxical way it transforms also the geometry of Square. And then, eye and ear, vision and hearing as main sensory modalities, which has formed human being, create a new language of new reality.
The project Monk’s Mood interior is an attempt to realize a 3D space in music, to fill it in with metaphysics of jazz.
P.S. Thelonious Sphere Monk (1917-1982) is a jazz pianist, composer, one of founders of bebop style.

1993 — Grammy for contribution in music art — awarded posthumously
2006 — Pulitzer Prize in music — awarded posthumously

Customer Requirements

An extra ticket booth should be incorporated within the existing lobby.
The cashier must have a full view of the lobby entrance.
The certified transaction window should be bullet-proof.
The entrance door of the lobby is not subject to replacement (the Committee SUPM requirement).


Images: photographs by William Claxton (William Claxton,
Joachim Berendt "Jazzlife", @TASCHEN, 2005)
Lighting: Fontana Arte, SLV
Walls: micro cement Edfan
Floor: concrete Edfan
Ceiling: Tikkurila


St. Petersburg State Jazz Philharmonic Hall

Site Location
27 Zagorodny Prospect, St. Petersburg